Kabir “dohe” (Proverbs or sayings by the mystic poet and saint Kabir) – A Medley

from by Music Basti

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Neeraj Arya and the girls from Khushi Home


Dhim Tana,
Dhim Tana,
Dhim tana,
Dhere Na. x2

Dhim Tana,
Dhim Tana,
Dhim tana,
Dhere Na.

Maya Mari Na Mann Mara,
Mar Mar Gaye Shahrir. X2

Aasha Trishna na Mari,
Keh Gaye Sant Kabir. X2

Jese Til mein tel hai,
Jyon chak mak mein aag. X2

Tera sain tujh mein,
Jaag Sakhe to jaag. X2

Sain itna dijiye,
Ja mein Kutumbh samaj. X2

Mein bhi bhuka na rahoon,
Sadhu na bhuka jaiye. X2

Kesu kahan bigariyon,
Je munde sau baar. X2

Man ko kahe na mundiyon,
Jame basse vikar. X2

Mangan maran saman hai,
Mat koi mange bhi x2

Mangan se marna na mara,
Yeh sat guru ki sikh. X2

Dhim tana…”

(This song is a medley of couplets written by the poet Kabir. Hence, the lyrics to not have any internal coherence to them especially when translated to English.)

“Neither illusion nor the mind attain death,
Only the body may attain this state.

Hope and delusion do not die,
This was the message left by the Saint Kabir.”
“Like oil is inside its seed,
Just as fire is inside the flint stone

Your God is inside you,
If you have the power to wake it up, then wake it up.”

“Give us enough O God! Suffice to envelop my clan

I should not suffer cravings, nor should my visitors go unfed.”

“What harm has the hair on your body done, that you shave them a hundred times. 

Why not shave the mind, there grow unchecked countless poisonous thoughts.” (Why do we waste time on cleansing ourselves externally, when we should really be cleansing our thoughts on the inside).

“Begging is like dying, Let no one Beg .

It is better to die than to beg, this is the Sat-guru's Message.”


from Monkey on the Roof, released June 10, 2011




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