Ship of Dreams / सपनो का जहाज़

by Music Basti

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Ship of Dreams / सपनो का जहाज़ is the live recording of Music Basti's third annual children's concert, featuring 300 at-risk children performing 13 original songs they have written and composed about their dreams! The public concert was hosted with a live band in Delhi on 17th April 2016 at The Garden of Five Senses.

The children Music Basti works with inhabit insecure and also at times dismal environments, which often lead to destructive behaviour. Adversity affects their ability to engage with the world, make healthy life choices and be successful. Life skills then become a critical ingredient in their repertory to help navigate challenges and flourish. Music Basti partners with existing community organizations to run a music program for children and adolescents. The program is fun and engaging, designed to nurture creativity, self-confidence and teamwork.

Musicians are recruited and trained to be teaching-artists who then run weekly classes so that children learn to write, compose and perform original songs. Students gain the multiple benefits of learning music skills while collaborating to produce their own composition, which they perform at the ReSound concert at the end of each year.

Learn more about the ReSound program here:

Supported by:
Enabling Leadership Foundation

Event partners:

Sound engineered & recorded by: Anindo Bose / Plug 'N'Play Studios

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Set up in 2008, Music Basti connects at-risk children and musicians with the aim to nurture confidence and a sense of community through a creative and joyful music learning experience. The yearlong ReSound program of Music Basti is designed to encourage children to develop the skills they need to achieve their best.

In 2013, we launched the ReSound program, to create equal music learning opportunities and quality concert spaces for children who otherwise have no access to them. ReSound has worked directly with over 700 students in Delhi/NCR.


released April 17, 2016

(C) Integrated Development Education Association (2016)




Music Basti New Delhi, India

We enable music learning for children to nurture skills and confidence to achieve their best.

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Track Name: This is My World
ख्वाबों के सिक्के, हाथों में खनके | किस्मत से कमज़ोर, इरादों से पक्के |
Track Name: Prakriti / प्रकृति
प्रकृति ने हम को बनाया हैं, हम तो हैं इंसान, मिल के करे सम्मान |
Track Name: Khula Aasmaan / खुला आसमान
उँचाई की नही सीमा, खुला आसमान है.
Track Name: Sapno Ki Uljhan / सपनो की उलझन
दिल कुछ कहे, दिमाग कुछ कहे | समझ नहीं आता हम क्या करें | चलते हैं सपनो की ओर, बढ़ते हैं सपनो की ओर |
Track Name: Sapno Ki Duniya / सपनो की दुनिया
छोटे छोटे हाथ जोड़ कर, माँगे यह वरदान |
Track Name: Haunsla / हौंसला
छाया को संग ओढकर हम, टुकड़े टुकड़े से पलेंगे. ओ री मखमल सी वो चादर, ना मिले फिर भी बढ़ेंगे |
Track Name: Kings and Queens
No one can chain us because we are free, Love knows no region and love knows no boundaries.
Track Name: Jalpari / जलपरी
अनदेखा किया उसने मुश्किलों को, मुड़कर ना देखा ऐसी चली वो | मंज़िल थी उसके अब काफ़ी करीब, लिख दिया उसने अब अपना नसीब |
Track Name: Ummedon Ke Aasmaan / उम्मीदों के आसमान
उम्मीदों के आसमान को पाना है, और जीत का मतलब सिखाना है | आँखों के उन सपनों को सच कर दिखना है, उम्मीदों के आसमान को पाना है |
Track Name: Nadi Kinare / नदी किनारे
नदी किनारों में, उँची मीनारों में, ढूंढूं मैं अपनी मंज़िल, अपना वो जहाँ |
Track Name: Ek Khwaab Sa / एक ख्वाब सा
ख्वाइशें हज़ार है, मेरी मंज़िलों से मुझे प्यार है | ढूँढ़ने अपनी राह चली मैं, कुछ कर दिखाने, चली मैं.
Track Name: Kaash / काश
बनके झरना बहते रहेंगे, पंछी बनके हम उड़ेंगे | बादलों को छु लेंगे, इंद्रधनुष को पार करेंगे |